We have developed databases for companies of all sizes in a variety of markets including:

Capacity Planning

Record your available hours and available staff and instantly see areas of shortfall and excess. Batch jobs for easy management on the production shop floors.  Integration with your clock card systems allows Clocked V Booked analysis of your working hours. Real Time access to capacity needs at all times. Minimise your data entry and free up your resources.

Purchase Ledgers

Tailored to how and what you buy. Create your Purchase order automatically from your Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials

Detailed and customisable Bill of Materials that can be exploded out into multi company and multi product Purchase Orders.

Remove duplication of effort by managing your sales from your Bill of Materials

Tailored Invoicing

Giving your customers the invoice layouts they want, daily, weekly, monthly .

Quote – Order – Build

Generate a quote, once accepted use the information on the quote to automatically create an Order and Buildsheet.  Track all stages of the sales to market process instantly.

Quote – JobCard – Invoice

Working from jobcards?  Quote to jobcard to invoicing; all automatically staged to meet you and your clients requirements.

Warranty & Complaints

Detailed complaints and warranty management offering you a full history and detailed costing, easily trace reclaimable costs.

Improve your customer contact with instant access to their key information.

Second Hand Sales

Easily manage your second hand sales and associated costs, allowing you to track the movement of the product among a variety of customers.